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The mind-blowing zen secret to overcoming laziness - Zen Wisdom @positiva YouTube channels Once upon a time , there was a young man who lives in a small village at the foot a mountain. This young man was known throughout the village for his laziness. He would spend his days lying in the shade of a tree, napping and daydreaming while the others villagers toiled away In the field in workshops.  One day a wise old monk came to the village and called the young man over to him.  My son said, the monk, I have a task for you I want you to climb to the top of that mountain and bring back a single feather from the highest peak.  The young man looked up at the mountain and scoffed that's impossible, he said.  I'm far too lazy to climb all the way up there.  The monk said and smiled, ah, but you see, the feather I seek is not on the mountain itself.  It is on the other side of the mountain.  In a cave that can only be reached by climbing to the top and descending the other side. The youn

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